Producers and Providers

Whether it is a sovereign state looking to divest, a private mining concern looking for new routes to market, or distributor of commodities Mercury can provide an exit, a solution, a client or capital to realize the opportunity. With our wide range of global contacts, we are able to offer clients a broad range of scenario's that meet the criteria.

End Users

If you have a requirement for an underlying commodity in raw or processed form and have the resources to retail, wholesale or utilize the commodity Mercury can present numerous reliable and well priced options to acquire various commodities in refined or unrefined form. We excel at meeting the needs of our clients and work tirelessly to achieve the desired end and are constantly on the look for new ways of achieving objectives for our existing clients as well as sourcing and qualifying new potential clients to join our portfolio.


We trade and deal daily with a number of the worlds leading commodity brokerages and have a lengthy track record of brokering, in partnership, some major transactions that have cemented us as a key broker and arranger of multijurisdictional, cross border, multiparty transactions. We have thrived in this space and have succeeded where numerous other parties would have perhaps not been as successful due to our steadfast resolve to deliver solutions for our partners.