Mercury has strong direct relationships with producers of varying commodities in Sub Saharan Africa, the Far East and beyond. The ability to put counterparties together to transact for the offtake from mines and similar operations to end users globally is one of Mercury’s strengths.

We specialize in procuring commodities in raw and refined form as well as residual by-products in significant quantities to be shipped to end client destinations globally.

We are in position to refine, distribute, ship and deliver all manner of products.
and Mercury will present numerous reliable and well-priced options to acquire various commodities in refined or unrefined form.

Metals Trading and Brokerage

We buy and sell precious metals and are brokers of a broad range of precious and semi precious metals specializing in gold, silver, platinum, palladium and copper.

We work with the world\’s leading commodity specialists and have can. provide product lists upon request.

We procure precious metals; gold, silver, platinum and other platinum group metals for a number of business segments including industrial products for the automotive, semiconductor, electronics, and medical industries.

Our precious metal business segment also processes gold, silver, platinum group metal, and special metals for the mobility, communications, information technology, energy, and environmental sectors as well as the growing health care industry within emerging markets.

We can procure diverse range of special metals and industrial precious metals from our global resources.

Coal and Iron Ore

Mercury has responded to our clients’ needs and expanded our product offering to include all grades of coal, iron ore and related derivative products.

We broker our products on the basis of both standard and bilaterally agreed contracts and are able to negotiate structured and term business, as well as prompt cargos.

Cargos are traded on the basis of origin and delivery with key markets in Europe, South Africa, and the US.

Diamonds and Other Precious Stones

With our mining, broking, shipping and distribution expertise across Africa and Europe we are able to ship diamonds of both industrial standard and high quality gems globally.

Whether dealing with issues such as a relatively low proportion of gem-quality diamonds within a shipment, or placing a high percentage of low grade diamonds with an industrial end user, Mercury is able to assist.

In addition, we can source significant quantities of various diamond types such as pink diamonds or other naturally coloured stones including champagne, cognac and rare blue.

Mercury is positioned to work with provider clients, with mining resources in different regions and has clients with open pits as well as underground mines.

Mercury holds a leading position in industrial diamond procurement and trading and we are constantly sourcing new opportunities both in supply and demand arenas.

Grains and Other Consumables

Mercury also is equipped to procure grains from counterparties in the countries and regions that we operate in and through a bespoke sourcing and procurement service which exists as an annex to our main commodity operations. We have regional contacts to procure, ship and broker many types of foodstuff and invite parties that we deal with to enter into discussions with us to broker or facilitate opportunities that arise.

Health care equipment and Medical Supplies

Mercury also consults and facilitates upon the procurement and provision of medical hardware and medication consignments and works closely with specialized advisory firms that know this area intimately.

We have recently been a lead arranger in a sub-Saharan medical services and supply transaction that is literally expected to curb the mortality rate within thousands of inhabitants of the country where that order was supplied to.

Supply and Delivery

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