Creating Opportunities

Mercury works with sovereign states looking to divest, high net worth induviduals, institutions and corporates looking to dispose of assets and is positioned to secure parties to transact efficiently.


We also deal with private mining concerns, searching for new routes to market, or distributors of commodities. Mercury is able to provide an exit, a solution, a client or capital to realise an opportunity.

Global Reach

With our wide range of global contacts we are able to offer clients a whole host of scenario's that meet their criteria, be that for technology, capital or other resources.

Procurement of Resources

If you have a requirement for an underlying commodity in raw or processed form we have the resources to procure from mandated counterparties, title holders utilize the commodity.

Brokerage Partners

We deal daily with a number of the worlds leading commodity brokerages and have a lengthy track record of brokering having dealt with multi jurisdictional, cross border and multiparty transactions.
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